Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New Year’s Resolutions...

One-and-a-bit days of work left, then it’ll be time for a whole new year. 

Time to get a quiet glass of wine (as opposed to a noisy one??) and break out the New Year Resolutions notebook. 

Over the years, I’ve averaged about a 70% success rate on the 8-10 annual resolutions I make - though I’m thinking of making them easier for 2016. 

So, rather than things like “write a novel”, “win a writing comp” etc, I might go for things like this instead:

  •           Wake up and get out of bed most days.
  •           Continue to never drink coffee.
  •           Have breakfast. Or lunch. Or both.
  •           Never leave the house without being fully dressed.
  •           Focus.  On anything. Except when I’m asleep, then focus on nothing.
  •          Sleep a lot.

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